Boxes to Check Before Hiring PR Help

Posted by Eric Eddy on  January 26, 2022
Hiring a PR agency is an important decision for any company, and executives should consider all aspects of the move carefully before pulling the trigger.  There is a right time and a wrong time to seek PR support, and a right way and wrong way to do it.  Keep these five tips in mind before spending the time and effort that goes into hiring a PR agency or consultant. MAKE SURE YOU NEED PR HELP: 
It can be the most challenging part of public relations work, but also one of the most important. It’s called crisis communications, and if not handled correctly, an advertising agency could suffer serious consequences. Crises can take many forms (sexual harassment, product tampering, financial malfeasance) and no agency or individual is immune. Just ask any of the celebrities brought down by the #MeToo movement, or C-level executives who have faced criminal prosecution for their alleged
As a PR firm specializing in working with advertising agencies around the world, rarely do they say they want to be on the cover of Automotive World Magazine or Credit Union Insights. Instead, we hear how they’d like to see themselves more frequently in Adweek and Ad Age, maybe even the New York Times. Fair enough. This leads to a conversation about strategic press targets, and an opportunity to elaborate on the value of getting

Do Ad Agencies Really Need PR?

Posted by Eric Eddy on  June 21, 2021
Does a creative shop need a full-time PR staffer or firm? From my perspective, there are four times when an ad agency may not require a sustained PR effort.Reason #1: When your work doesn’t involve thought leadershipAgencies that don’t need an ongoing PR effort might create great work but are simply not interested in thought leadership (and that’s ok). If an agency doesn’t want to communicate about the issues driving the industry, we recommend sticking
It’s not easy to predict if a creative ad or branding campaign that you’re tasked with publicizing will get picked up in the press. Media coverage is often unpredictable due to the different criteria at play at the media outlet itself and by the subjective opinions of each reporter.We have clients that ask us sometimes: “We saw this article in Adweek, but our campaign is so much better than that one. Why did theirs get